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On 04/06/2013 , By BPC

World Environment Day (WED), which is celebrated each year globally under the banner of United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), is to spread awareness of the need to preserve and protect our biodiversity as well as to recognise the problems related to the environment and surroundings for positive actions. 

 World Environment Day, which kicks off on June 5, is observed for a week with a different theme in a different country every year. The theme for this year is Think.Eat.Save, which is an anti-food waste and food loss campaign that persuades mankind to reduce their foodprint.

 Noting the huge imbalance lifestyles around the world, the theme- Think.Eat.Save, encourages people across the globe to not waste food, which is also a massive drain on natural resources and a huge contributor to harmful environmental impacts. 

 If food is preserved and not wasted, it will not just help us to be more efficient in foodstuff, but will also save money, energy and most importantly, minimise the environmental impact caused by food production.

 On this day of WED, the UNEP is urging each one of us to think before we eat and help save our environment. There are various ways we can make more informed decisions in our food choices.

 So Lets pledge to reduce foodprint and save the Environment.

On 30/04/2013 , By BPC
On 18/01/2013 , By bpc
Do you easily get pulled down by negative situations or are you the kind of person who turns around and gets a positive outcome every time? Are you solution oriented or do you think every is your fault and therefore there is no viable solution to the problem? Where do you fit in?
On 27/11/2012 , By Bpc
On 20/08/2012 , By Hourly

We need professional freelancers to expand our existing database (data entry and writing). 

The job is about adding new phone numbers and short descriptions in French to an existing list of selected Belgian brands. 

Skills needed: 

- Extreme efficiency at Google searching, as most information has to be extracted from there. 

- SEO understanding will be considered as an advantage. 

- Perfect French and English, Spanish knowledge will be considered as an advantage. 

- Availability to work on this project at least 10 hours per week, larger availabilities will be considered as an advantage. 

- Natives from Belgium will have priority. 

Please do not bid if you are not able to work on this project at least 10 hours per week, or if your French level is not perfect, we have quality standards and contracts will be immediately terminated if these criteria are not met. 

Thank you and have a nice day.
On 20/08/2012 , By john
I am sure that many of you who are blogging or have a business, have or at one point worked a regular job. However, I always hear people wanting to quit early to focusing solely on their business.
While it seems great, logically it is not a wise decision. Food and shelter cost money. If you are supporting a family, then life can be expensive. Your business will not earn you tons of money right away, whether you are freelancing or starting an online business. It even takes money to start a business.
So, before you embark on a business venture, keep your day job, even if you hate it. It will be what helps you stay afloat if your business takes a while to get going or even fails.
On 20/08/2012 , By vikram
A lot of people know that you can get backlinks from just leaving comments on blogs. It is usually a tedious process for those who are trying to build links as it would take commenting on thousands of sites to amount to even a small boost in search engine traffic.
Many businesses that have gotten into incorporating blog commenting as a means to build backlinks have found that it has effected them negatively due to the fact that they may seem like spam or the sites they comment on are not relevant to their niche.
So, after all that effort they are contacting blog owners to ask them to remove their comments.
What happens if you are the blog owner and you receive a request to remove comments? Do you have a comment removal policy?
Sometimes receiving these requests can become a tedious job as some of these requests mean removing dozens of comments. Let us face it, not everyone has the time to do this. While the request may be asked nicely, it is just an inconvenience for the blog owner.
I know from my own experience, I have had these requests, and my policy is that I do not remove comments for any reason. I already carefully moderate comments, so I have already taken the time to approve them.
On 20/08/2012 , By Jonathan
Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need giant Googleplexes with free meals, massages, and on-site medical care, or basketball court touting headquarters like Facebook’s to keep your employees content.  Sure, maybe these things don’t hurt an employee’s general morale, and having some nice tall office chairs for the former basketball players you employ is certainly important, but having outlandish and expensive perks aren’t the norm, nor need they be.

In fact, when asked in employee interviews conducted by Google last year, what about their jobs had them most content, none of the many crazy perks or large salaries made the top of the list at all.  Instead, employees chalked their happiness up to “even-keeled bosses who made time for one-on-one meetings, who helped people puzzle through problems by asking questions, not dictating answers, and who took an interest in employees’ lives and careers.”

So generally, it seems that keeping an employee’s smiling loyalty comes down to a much more basic and human approach to running a business.  The following are three ways that you as a small business owner can ensure your employees happiness without taking drastic, costly, and often-absurd measures.

- Promote and Support Learning

For most employees, the biggest motivational factor is the ability to learn on the job.  People want to be enriched both mentally and monetarily in a work environment, so providing solid, knowledge-based training and continuous modes for onsite learning is a huge factor in keeping employees happy.  Making sure employees know and see the value in their work is a huge benefit as well; employees don’t just want to work for a paycheck – they want to effect change of some sort, learning and working with a team in the process.

- Make Time for 1 on 1 Weekly Meetings

Meeting with employees once a week may at first seem like a dry, unnecessary measure.  However, as you get more comfortable with each other, employees and bosses will be able to easily flesh out concerns or potential problems before they fester into more serious issues, as well as find some common ground leading to a better understanding of one another and ideally a mutual respect.

Google found that the worst managers were those who spent all their time meeting only with the top employee performers, or the worst.  Maintaining weekly meetings with all employees equally then, is a good way to keep everyone happy and properly motivated.

- Acknowledge Good Work, Publicly

While acknowledging good work with monetary rewards can certainly be a nice perk and motivator for an employee, you’d be surprised just how far a public pat on the back and word of appreciation will go for your workers frame of mind.  In letting them know you recognize their hard work, and letting others in the company know as well, you promote an atmosphere of appreciation throughout your firm, and a much greater sense of belonging and team unity.

Despite a harsh economy, keeping employees on board with your company is still a necessary consideration for any employer.  You’ve taken the time and resources to collect a bright, hardworking group of individuals, so making sure they’re happy and supported should be a serious priority.  Keep them around by simply promoting a caring, supportive, human environment for all at your company.
On 20/08/2012 , By sunita
Not too long ago, my boss circulated a post about memo writing from Modern Meeting Standard that not only got me hooked on that great blog, but that confirmed what I had always thought about group emails in the office: the longer and more convoluted it is, the less someone is likely to read it.

How ironic, especially given that the people who write the long, convoluted emails think they have something important enough for you to know.

Don’t be the author of emails that make people’s eyes gloss over. That is no fun.

1. Keep it brief.

2. Summarize – not at the end, at the beginning.

3. Ask questions to specific people directly (e.g., “Sharon – Is this what you intended?”)

4. Unless you’re the boss, don’t reply all with a question, especially if you do not know who can provide the answer. It will either (a) go nowhere and produce nothing, or (b) cause significant confusion.

5. Figure it – whatever it is – out, before sending the email and make it clear to the recipients why they are getting it. It can be irritating to receive an email about something and have no idea why you’re getting it or what you’re supposed to do with it.


Together, we can make being on distribution lists bearable!

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