Forum : Think. Eat. Save. Reduce your foodprint. Suggest ways to reduce foodprint.

World Environment Day (WED), which is celebrated each year globally under the banner of United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), is to spread awareness of the need to preserve and protect our biodiversity as well as to recognise the problems related to the environment and surroundings for positive actions. 

 World Environment Day, which kicks off on June 5, is observed for a week with a different theme in a different country every year. The theme for this year is Think.Eat.Save, which is an anti-food waste and food loss campaign that persuades mankind to reduce their foodprint.

 Noting the huge imbalance lifestyles around the world, the theme- Think.Eat.Save, encourages people across the globe to not waste food, which is also a massive drain on natural resources and a huge contributor to harmful environmental impacts. 

 If food is preserved and not wasted, it will not just help us to be more efficient in foodstuff, but will also save money, energy and most importantly, minimise the environmental impact caused by food production.

 On this day of WED, the UNEP is urging each one of us to think before we eat and help save our environment. There are various ways we can make more informed decisions in our food choices.

 So Lets pledge to reduce foodprint and save the Environment.

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