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A lot of people know that you can get backlinks from just leaving comments on blogs. It is usually a tedious process for those who are trying to build links as it would take commenting on thousands of sites to amount to even a small boost in search engine traffic.
Many businesses that have gotten into incorporating blog commenting as a means to build backlinks have found that it has effected them negatively due to the fact that they may seem like spam or the sites they comment on are not relevant to their niche.
So, after all that effort they are contacting blog owners to ask them to remove their comments.
What happens if you are the blog owner and you receive a request to remove comments? Do you have a comment removal policy?
Sometimes receiving these requests can become a tedious job as some of these requests mean removing dozens of comments. Let us face it, not everyone has the time to do this. While the request may be asked nicely, it is just an inconvenience for the blog owner.
I know from my own experience, I have had these requests, and my policy is that I do not remove comments for any reason. I already carefully moderate comments, so I have already taken the time to approve them.
20,August 2012
I changed my niche lot of time for the same blog, all the time I tried to do the publicity on different niche I opted, so you meant that I must remove all older niche comments and directory listings?
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