Forum : Graphic: Don’t Quit Your Day Job Too Early
I am sure that many of you who are blogging or have a business, have or at one point worked a regular job. However, I always hear people wanting to quit early to focusing solely on their business.
While it seems great, logically it is not a wise decision. Food and shelter cost money. If you are supporting a family, then life can be expensive. Your business will not earn you tons of money right away, whether you are freelancing or starting an online business. It even takes money to start a business.
So, before you embark on a business venture, keep your day job, even if you hate it. It will be what helps you stay afloat if your business takes a while to get going or even fails.
Elena Anne
20,August 2012
Good point. Difficult to find the balance between earning enough money to live and doing what you really want to do. Requires a lot of hard work either way.
Samantha Vermillion
20,August 2012
You mentioned the most important advice. Unless you feel financially secure even if your business fails, never quit the job
20,August 2012
Great advise. I have to agree with you that the day job is important unless you think that blogging can cover your daily expenses. Even to maintain blog needs money
Rick Noel
20,August 2012
Solid advice, especially given the current economic climate and unemployment rates. Often times people start a business and quit their day job too early or for the wrong reasons only to find that they have to go back to work, potentially taking less attractive job for less money as they underestimated the need to generate cash to fund their lifestyle while trying to grow their business. Thanks for sharing.
Elke Hinze
20,August 2012
It is true that you need to money to start a business, and proper planning should be done. However, sometimes you will not always find yourself in a situation to continue saving.
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